By Judith Meyer

Computational Linguist & Course Developer


Self-study Mandarin Chinese

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The idea

China is an emerging superpower and knowing Chinese is becoming more and more important in the global economy.

If you want to learn Chinese, we're creating the top website to do so. Using Artificial Intelligence, our system knows exactly which words or concepts you need to practice. Like the most patient teacher in the world, it keep presenting you with new exercises until you master these words, much like Khan Academy does for maths and Duolingo does for European languages.

This results in a tailor-made language course just for you. You only need your computer and an internet connection.

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Studying with this site

To begin, choose whether you wish to study simplified Chinese characters (used by the PRC), traditional Chinese characters (used in Taiwan) or learn Chinese in romanization ("Pinyin") only, without learning characters. Do an initial test so that the system will know your starting level.

Then, the system will begin to show you phrases and short dialogues with new vocabulary. Complete multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank and translation exercises in order to train yourself to use these new words. If you make a mistake, the system will remember and it will show you more exercises for the same word, until you have mastered it. The same goes for grammar: after an explanation and some examples, you will be asked to solve various exercises until you have mastered this grammar topic. If you find it easy, there will be few exercises. If you find it hard, there will be as many exercises as you need, because the system adapts to you. If you have forgotten something else in the meantime, the system will quiz you on that as well.

If you want to learn words and expressions for a particular situation, you can tell the system and it will immediately start to teach you everything you need in order to master that situation, drawing on its knowledge of what you know and what you haven't learned yet. This way, the course will be truly customized to your needs.